On the farm

This month, we’re busy harvesting sprouts, red cabbage, parsnips, and celeriac, as well as leeks, beetroots, suede, and winter salad in the polytunnel. This season is when we reap what we sowed back in the summer, and stock up to see us through until springtime next year.

Will’s ingredient of the month

Similar to celery, celeriac has a subtle, nutty flavour and nutty overtones that are great mashed, slow-cooked, or as a remoulade. It can also be salt-baked, breadcrumbed, and fried like chips; diced and roasted in butter; finely sliced and fried like crisps; sliced and pickled raw; or made into soup.

Where we’ve been

Will recently dined at Alex Bond’s Alchemilla in Nottingham. Their Michelin-starred menu focuses on an ethos of delivering unique, imaginative, plant-based fine dining, with dishes including their tasting menu’s celeriac chawanmushi, smoked eel, and furikake; mackerel, oyster, green strawberry, and jalapeño; and venison, medlar, and burnt cream.

Will’s dishes of the month

The Small Holding

Our charcuterie was made back in May, using meat from our Berkshire pigs. They’re reared for 18 months, making our fennel salami and chorizo really tasty. We serve this dish with soda bread, which is made using buttermilk from the waste that comes from making our own butter.

The Curlew

Following last month’s Goatober, we wanted to do more with this delicious meat throughout the year. We’re therefore featuring James Whetlor’s Cabrito Goat Meat as a celebration sharer on the menu, using the whole animal cooked in different ways, including braised, cured, and roasted, along with the offal too.

Matt’s wines of the month

The Small Holding

Tillingham’s Qvevri White 2019 is a go-to on our wine list at the minute. Bright hazy gold in appearance, it has a slightly smoky nose, with chalky melon and peach. This is followed by more stone fruit on the palate, with an earthy mineral finish from the Qvevri.

The Curlew

Sugrue’s The Trouble with Dreams is perfect for Christmas! This is a really special English sparkling, made at the heart of the South Downs. Olly Smith describes the Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier blend as ‘a lemony spear of sunlight charged with the bracing freshness of the clearest skies’.

Matt’s beers of the month

The Small Holding

Cellar Head’s Amitola (4.2% ABV) is a super-fresh American Pale Ale, with a charge of two of America’s biggest hop hitters – Citra and Simcoe. This local beer bursts with fruity aromas of lime, grapefruit, and mango from Citra, combining with notes of passionfruit and citrus from Simcoe.

The Curlew

We’re all about Turtle Recall! This floral, fruity beer from Bedlam Brewery near Lewes has tropical fruit and gooseberry aromas, complemented by a touch of honeydew melon and hint of apricot. Plus, £5 per cask or keg, and 10p per can goes towards supporting Project Biodiversity in Cape Verde.

Who we’re loving

Douglas McMaster is a real inspiration for Will and our restaurants. Pioneering the zero-waste movement in hospitality, his Silo restaurant in Hackney takes a ‘no bin’ approach to fine dining, creating a regenerative experience that’s all about reducing single-use packaging, upcycling raw materials, and protecting the planet.

Meet the team

Apprentice chef Emma has been with us since July, grabbing hold of her first job in hospitality with both hands! She’s from the local area, loves cooking, and is rocking it at The Small Holding with an amazing work ethic, and a real buzz to be here.