Five things you didn’t know about The Small Holding in Kent

When brothers Will and Matt Devlin—already well-known for their innovative No Fixed Abode pop-up restaurant business—decided to take on a more permanent residence, they knew they’d found somewhere special in the beautiful Kent countryside of Kilndown for their The Small Holding new restaurant.

Now, with the dynamic duo at the helm, we at The Small Holding take a unique gastronomic approach to crafting showstopping meals and dishes for local and visiting diners alike.

Led by Will and utilising the very best ingredients from our own back garden, the chefs pair classic techniques with a modern style to produce the 10-course Full Acre menu, an immersive, mouth-watering journey into the heart of the Garden of England.

In the bar and restaurant, Matt oversees all things front of house, working closely with his service team to bring the whole experience vividly to life, complete with an extensive and eclectic array of wines, beers and spirits from all over the country.

As we welcome you into our home, read on to discover a selection of some of our well-kept Small Holding secrets …

Farm products and local beer and wine at The Small Holding

A bounteous selection of delights you can find at The Small Holding

1/ The menu is made using produce from our own farm

As the name suggests, homegrown ingredients are hugely important at The Small Holding—so much so that we roll up our sleeves and harvest our own! The emphasis is on freshness and seasonality, as we make the most of what produce is at its best and in its prime throughout the year.

2/ The food is served by the chefs

Part of The Small Holding’s ethos is to bring our diners closer to their culinary experience. That’s why the kitchen brigade’s ‘Full and Half Acre’ dishes are presented by the chefs themselves, who bring the meals they create directly to your table with flair and showmanship that embraces the theatre of dining.

3/ All our beers and spirits are from UK independents

We love supporting local at The Small Holding, ensuring that every pint pulled and spirit served is sourced right here in Britain. From the refreshing botanicals of Greensand Ridge gin in Shipbourne, to the crafty ales made by London’s Beavertown Brewery, we’re all about championing our great nation’s finest independent producers.

4/ The Small Holding is set in an old stable building

Before we opened our doors in April 2018, the Small Holding site was formerly an old barn, used as an outbuilding for the restaurant’s predecessors, the Globe & Rainbow pub. Dating all the way back to the 18th century, the stable was an ideal space for the transformation to come.

5/ Our sommelier is currently enrolled in wine school!

Affectionally known as our in-house ‘wine geek’, Sally Murphy has been with us since the beginning. Alongside her full-time job, she’s also studying for a BA in Wine Business at Plumpton College in East Sussex; honing her skills, knowledge and expertise, she advises our customers to enhance their wining and dining experience.