by | Feb 23, 2018

Growing our own produce on the farm brings an understanding and honesty back to the kitchen, and a vital freshness.

Making the most of our harvests when the ingredients are at their prime—whilst also preserving and conserving them to use throughout the year, keep us concentrated on the natural cycle of the land and help us bring you full flavoured dishes that will inspire, delight and surprise you.

Here on the farm we have rare Berkshire pigs, hens and geese—all allowed to roam free and a real attraction if you are coming to The Small Holding for a drink or a meal with your family.  The Small Holding is family-friiendly, and there’s always something interesting to see.

From Farm to Table: Will Devlin at The Small Holding watering new seedlings

The Small Holding farm, with rare foraging Berkshire pigs